Social Media & Photography

Think of social media as your digital dining table, where the conversations continue once your guests have swigged their espresso and moseyed on home.

Monthly strategy sessions

Posting a pretty picture and hoping for the best won’t quite cut it. We meticulously plot every story and post against a tailored timeline – maximizing long-term impact to stop scrollers in their tracks.


Posting without purpose is like having all the ingredients without the recipe. By carefully analysing your data and insights, we cook up a feast for your followers and beyond to dive into, making sure we hit all the right flavour notes to build awareness and cement connections.


Our co-founder, Rebecca Dickson, is a professional food photographer and stylist, seen on the pages of the FT, Condé Nast, and Wallpaper magazine. We know it’s not just about how you say it, but how you see it. From still photography to videography, content creation helps to capture your vision.

Community management

Social media never sleeps. We engage continuously with follower communities, to ensure a 100% response rate.

Monthly analysis reports

Looking closely at what is working, from the top-performing posts to the most popular times of day, will enable us to build a stronger strategy month after month.

Engagement campaign

These conversations aren’t a one-way street. Keeping your concept connected with the wider world, industry peers, press and brands, will keep you relevant.

Content creation

Combining our professional eye for enticing visuals and creating compelling copy, we create feeds that will propel your platform to next-level-polished.

Paid social

In a world of 500 million active social media advertisers, yours had better stand out. From setting budgets to creating the ads and monitoring results, we manage the entire process.

Trend forecasting

Trends aren’t just about the latest food fads. We’ll keep you up to speed with the nitty-gritty of the digital landscape, including updates in all things API (changes to social media policy).

Competitor analysis

We keep a close eye on your culinary contemporaries, whilst identifying the perfect opportunities to collaborate.

Social media training

We can provide a fully bespoke training programme to help your team use social media effectively.