PR & Communications

We look for the people and places who have a story to tell and work alongside those we believe deserve to stand out. We figure out what makes them tick and then share these stories with intention.


This isn’t a throw-your-pasta-at-the-ceiling-and-pray-it-sticks situation. We consider all the little strands and pull on the ones that unravel into a captivating story.


Every great idea has a talented individual behind it – be it chef, sommelier or bartender – so we work with people who care about the detail in what they do and the impressions they leave.

Media Relationships

Building relationships takes time. We work with journalists who tell the stories that have an impact and those who write for publications that have a captivated audience. We focus on media outlets and conversations that add another building block to the narrative.


Influence goes beyond a large social media following, it’s the people who are ingrained within the industry that leave an impression.

Crisis Management

Whilst we hope this service is never called on – we know things happen, and if they do, we need to be prepared.

Partnerships & Collaborations

From intimate private dinners to out-in-the-wilderness pop-ups, we align your brand with the right people to create something that’s remembered.


We don’t claim to be chefs, bartenders or sommeliers, but we know a thing or two about the industry and what people want when they dine out.